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EAT REAL - Just say no to artificial and processed food!

    What's the big deal?

    Food is essential to us. It is a form of nourishment and is provacative in what it can awaken in us. It is one thing in life we have control over. The food scene, however, has changed. The popularity of cheap, quick and easy has allowed processed and artifical food to thrive and replace actual food. Have you seen the claim "all natural?" When you read the label; you are bombarded with a list of unpronouncable ingredients or dyes of all sorts. Have you heard commercials say "now made with 100% fruit?" What else could a fruit smoothie contain, right? Unfortunately, so many artificial things that the claim had to be made in the first place.

    How can you Eat Real and afford it?

    1. Shop the outskirts of your store: produce, dairy, cheese, bulk (if available), bread and the meat section. You save big shopping in this manner.

    2. Cook at home. This allows you complete control of what is in your food, while saving you money. Keep it simple. Use the Triple Threat: good Olive oil, salt and pepper.

    No one has to be a chef and anyone can cook.

    Shop Bulk and Save

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