About Us

In 1995, Seattle based Puget Consumer's Co-op (PCC) closed their doors in south Everett. Months later (January 1996), fifty PCC members, in response to the closing, met and voted to form a Co-op of their own in downtown Everett. They were convinced that a cooperative was a need and benefit to the community. Six of these members agreed to be on the Board of Trustees. The original board met weekly to write by-laws, borrow money, solicit members and enlist volunteers. Sno-Isle volunteers submitted letters and articles to PCC's newsletter, sent out flyers throughout the county, held events and fundraisers to pay start-up costs. We held an organic farmer's market on the street in front of the store and held monthly pot lucks. We took part in fairs and parades with the banner "Join Now to Make It Happen". In the fall of 1996, 100 of Sno-Isle's 350 members attended a meeting to vote and approve the opening of a store. The dedication and sweat of a few finally came to life and Sno-Isle could now start using member certificates to build the Co-op.

Sno-Isle Natural Foods Co-op opened on March 3, 1997. The mission was to provide healthy, wholesome foods to the community. Volunteers scraped paint, built walls and installed fixtures. PCC donated much of their equipment from the Everett store. True to this cooperative tradition; we are owned (and built) and operated by the people for the people.

As a cooperative, we are here to make an impact by supporting the community through education and training, philanthropy, and supporting local producers and businesses.

With the cooperation of a supportive membership, a committed Board of Trustees, and dedicated staff and volunteers, Sno-Isle Natural Foods Co-op went from the dream of a few to the reality for us all.

Our Mission

Our mission is to operate a regionally-based, community-supported foods cooperative that will:

  • Feature wholesome, bulk and organic foods
  • Encourage its members to contribute and participate in its growth
  • Be supportive of local growers and producers
  • Be a resource for the community for education toward a healthy lifestyle
  • Welcome diversity in its membership
  • Operate as eco-friendly as possible