Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is made up of dedicated, passionate Co-op owners that are elected to their positions. We have an annual election where all Co-op owners vote for their choice in Board representatives. They are a group of individuals, who are as diverse as the community and producers they serve.

The role of a board member can be fun, but not to be taken lightly. This group of volunteers work hard for us all.

Current Board Members

Bruce MacCracken - President

Mark Thornley - Vice President

Steve Moore - Secretary

Christina Kilbourn - Treasurer

Sriram Subramanian

Tami Farber

Rachel Taber Hamilton

Garrik Hudson-Falcon

Corinne Herrewig - Staff Representative

What the board does is act on behalf of the membership to set strategic plans for the Co-op's futue, ensure that the Co-op remains fiscally sound and operates within the cooperative principles. We are addressing a long term plan for growth, and building strategic relationships with local organizations.

Read the Board's 2013 Vision statement here

The Board meets the first Monday of the Month in the classroom from 6-8pm. By appointment, customers and owners and are welcome to attend. Also by appointment, representatives from various organizations are welcome present information about their organization and the nature of our strategic relationship. To schedule an appointment, please email

We have two retreats for strategic planning. The Board currently works with a cooperative consulting company that specializes in the leadership issues of food co-op boards.

Board members take part in different committees:

  • Finance Committee: Ensures the fiscal integrity of the co-op and makes decisions concerning certain capital expenditures
  • Policy Governance Committee: Reviews the policies governing the operations of the store and the board processes. The Board works with the Management Team to monitor compliance with policies.
  • Executive Committee: Made of the officers of the Board and sets the agenda for Board meetings.
  • Membership Outreach Committee: Plans and organizes events, store promotions and take part in community events.
  • Nominating Committee is elected by the membership to recruit new candidates for the Board and runs the election process for Board of Trustees
  • Contact the board: