Locally Owned!

We are owned by the people. As a member, you are also an Owner. As an owner, you help: strengthen the community, support the cooperative movement, and sustainable business practices.

How do I join??

Membership is ABSOLUTELY not required. Our membership is not an annual fee, rather a refundable investment. Equity investment is $100, and we have two programs available:

  • One-time payment of $100 for you and your household up front.
  • $5 payment plus a one-time $5 administration fee (total of $10 upon joining), and as little as $5 to keep it current every 30 days.

Owner Benefits

As a member-owner, you receive:

  • Exclusive discounts in store and with business partners.
  • Quarterly Owner Appreciation Days: March 20, June 20, September 20, December 20.

    Get 10% off your purchase – This day is filled with samples and giveaways! 

  • Your 10% off day - On  months without an Owner Appreciation Day, YOU choose when to use the 10% off discount.
  • Discounts with our Business Partners
  • An invitation to our annual party
  • Our quarterly Co-op newsletter is available in store, via email, and online. The newsletter keeps you up to date on all kinds of events or changes at the Co-op and your community.
  • You can run for the Board of Trustees to help us uphold our principles and help the community.
  • Most importantly you have voting rights!

How else can I help?

Being a working member is optional. Those who volunteer 10 hours per month receive a 15% discount (cannot be used in conjunction with other discounts). It is truly a fun place to work, and personally rewarding to give back.