The co-op – you own it!

The Co-op is owned by the people, for the people! Since 1997,  more than  5,000 Snohomish County families have become owners of the Co-op.

As a not-for-profit grocery store, our purpose is not to generate a profits for a corporation, but to simply stay financially strong enough so we can serve the needs of, and give back to, our community.  As an owner, you  join a group of your neighbors dedicated to strengthening our community, supporting local farmers and producers, and fostering long-term, sustainable business practices.

While you don’t need an ownership to shop at the Co-op, if you decide that joining is best for you and your family, we have an easily accessible payment plan –

Monthly Payment Plan: $5
Activate your member-ownership for 30 days at a time until your full equity investment of $100 is reached. No monthly commitment, no mailed reminders, simply pay as you shop.

Every dollar of your member-ownership can be refunded at any time. Please contact The Co-op for more information on how to do so.

Ownership Benefits

✔ Discounts on hundreds of products every month, just for Co-op Owners.

✔ Patronage Dividends eligibility

Bulk Days Discount: Every third weekend receive 10% off of everything in Bulk!

✔ Wine Club Membership: Each Co-op Wine Tasting receive special prices on select wines!

Joe-nut Fridays: Purchase a 12 oz coffee or tea and a Mighty-O vegan donut for only $3!

✔ Invitation to the Co-op’s Annual Meeting.

✔ Elect the leadership of the Co-op by voting for our Board of Trustees.

Our 2018 Board of Trustees

Owner Resources

Co-op Bylaws
Cooperative Principles
All about Patronage Dividends