The Co-op Difference

More than a grocery store, we have a passion for local foods, supporting sustainable agriculture, and investing in programs and organizations that strengthen our community.

The Co-op difference is positive impact we make everyday by being –

  • Not For Profit. Any profits we make are used to support the community through donations and sponsorship, or to complete store improvements.
  • Owned by the Community.  Since 1997,  more than 5,000+ families in Snohomish County have joined together in membership to own the Co-op.
  • Particular About Products. Every product on the shelves has met our high standards for quality, locality, and sustainability.

Learn more about the benefits of owning the Co-op here.

Our mission is to operate a regionally-based, community-supported foods cooperative that will:

  • Feature wholesome, bulk and organic foods
  • Encourage its members to contribute and participate in its growth
  • Be supportive of local growers and producers
  • Be a resource for the community for education toward a healthy lifestyle
  • Welcome diversity in its membership
  • Operate as eco-friendly as possible

As a Co-op, we operate under a set of principals  that  put our values into practice. Learn more about the Co-op principals here.