Request a Donation

The Sno-Isle Food Co-op is committed to promoting health and sustainability by supporting community organizations through donations. The most commonly requested donation is in the form of Co-op gift cards, generally in amounts of $25, which can be used to purchase goods from the Co-op. These gift cards are used as door prizes or fundraising auction items. Occasionally, we are able to fill requests for donated products, supplies or other items.

Donation Philosophy:

It is the goal of the Co-op to support organizations that focus on food and nutrition issues, community building, sustainability, environmental preservation and conservation, cooperative values, or addressing social concerns.

Priority is given to local organizations and events.

Donation Policy:

The requesting organization’s mission must be in alignment with the Co-op’s donation philosophy.

Any donations provided are to be used as stated by the requesting organization, and may not to be distributed or re-sold.

It is highly recommended to submit requests 30 days before the donation is needed. Last minute donation requests will be considered, but be advised that donation dollars may already be allocated for the current month.

Please use the Sno-Isle Food Co-op name when listing sponsors, donors, or contributors to the event. Dependent upon the event, we may also request that our logo, advertisement, image, or associated informational/promotional materials such as signs, be visible by attendees of the event. If possible, please include a copy of your publicity materials for our records.

Donation Request

Donation requests are reviewed every first Monday of the month by our outreach staff. Approvals are promptly notified.
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