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Working hands from Rabbit Fields Farm in Everson, WA

Working hands from Rabbit Fields Farm in Everson, WA

Sustainable practices

At Sno-Isle Food Co-op our department buyers' number one priority is in sourcing local and sustainable products. Our goal is to ensure the on-going preservation and betterment of the Earth. We favorably consider biodiversity in farming, products packed in compostable materials, and companies that recycle limited resources.


Top priority at SIFC is organic foods.  A fundamental part of our mission, we strive to ensure that the products on our shelves are certified organic.  Some exceptions can be made if a company can prove that they are in the midst of becoming certified, that their product is created using organic ingredients or, that they employ organic and sustainable practices, but cannot afford the hefty cost of certification.


Non-GMO certification is increasingly important to the health and well being of ourselves and our planet. If the product contains any of the Top Ten GMO crops, they MUST be certified Non-GMO or be in the process of gaining said certification.

For all of the Co-op’s buying practices check out the New Vendor Packet. This packet is used in selecting all new products into the Co-op.