Ownership Benefits

  • Discounts on hundreds of products every month, just for Co-op Owners.

  • Patronage Dividends eligibility

  • Bulk Days Discount: Every third weekend receive 10% off of everything in Bulk!

  • Wine Club Membership: Each Co-op Wine Tasting receive special prices on select wines!

  • Joe-nut Fridays: Purchase a 12 oz coffee or tea and a Mighty-O vegan donut for only $3!

  • Invitation to the Co-op’s Annual Meeting.

  • Elect the leadership of the Co-op by voting for our Board of Trustees.

What kind of new Owner Benefits would you like to see? Tell us what you think!

Sign me up!

While you don’t need an ownership to shop at the Co-op, if you decide that joining is best for you and your family, we have an easily accessible payment plan -

Monthly Payment Plan: $5

Activate your member-ownership for 30 days at a time until your full equity investment of $100 is reached. No monthly commitment, no mailed reminders, simply pay as you shop.

Presently, ownership sign-ups may only be completed in store.

Every dollar of your member-ownership can be refunded at any time. Please contact The Co-op for more information on how to do so.