Holiday Turkeys


Chestnuts roasting, savory squash – party planning. The holidays are a hectic and busy time for families and grocery stores alike. That’s why the co-op wants to make finding your holiday bird an easier task. This year, our owners will have the option to pre-order turkeys and receive a 5% discount!

We have sourced our turkeys directly from Diestel Turkey Ranch and Mary’s Free Range Turkey. Both family owned and sustainably  operated,  if you ask us which turkey is “the best” we won’t be able to answer – because they are all fantastic! We encourage you and your family to do your research in finding the bird that is right for your holiday meal.

Diestel Organic 4.69 /lb
“In keeping with our family tradition of producing exceptional turkeys, we produce Diestel Organic (also known as Heidi’s Hens®) – The Certified Organic Turkey. These organic turkeys are raised with certified organic feed, which by definition is also NON-GMO! If you want a certified organic choice, you’ll love the Diestel Organic Turkey. ”
More info at Diestel’s Website

Mary’s Organic  3.99 /lb
“Mary’s Free-Range Organic Turkeys are an additional step up the ladder in humane farming practices; with freedom to move about and a premium diet void of any chemical stimulators.  Certified Organic feeds must be Certified by the USDA and everything that goes in them must be certified as well.”
More info at Mary’s Website

Mary’s Non-GMO 2.99 /lb
A great quality turkey that is a bit less expensive than our organic options, Mary’s Non-GMO turkey is sure to be delicious. “Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are plants or animals created through gene splicing. This experimental technology merges DNA from different species, creating unstable combinations of plant, animal, bacterial, and viral genes that cannot occur in nature or in traditional crossbreeding.”
More info at Mary’s Website