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Dear Sno-Isle Food Co-op Owner,

One of the many benefits of membership at your Co-op is the opportunity to vote for the leadership of the Co-op. Electing a fellow owner to represent you on our Board of Trustees is an important piece of our cooperative future. The election ends on October 19, 2018.  All ballots will be validated by Owner ID number, name of owner, and signature. Your ballot will remain completely confidential.   

To be eligible for voting, your membership must be active (paid in full, or an equity payment has been made within 60 days of your vote). Each active membership is allowed one vote per household and members of other co-ops are not eligible to vote. 

This year as a thank you, all voters will receive 10% off one transaction after election results are announced October 25th. Limited to one transaction, this 10% off reward will be available during transaction at the registers.


Board of Trustees Candidates

Christina Photo.jpg

Christina Kilbourn

I have been involved with the Co-op’s Board of Trustees, serving as the Treasurer, since 2016. My professional background is in Finance and Information Systems, along with some entrepreneurial pursuits.  I currently work in the IT dept at the Snohomish County PUD in Everett.
A long time ago, I read a book called “Diet for a Small Planet”, which changed my life in many ways. It sent me on a journey where I learned about sustainability, plant-based diets, water quality and the risks of factory farming.  I joined the PCC and took several classes there.  
After moving north, it was such a relief to find the Sno-Isle Co-op.  Our Co-op is a great resource for obtaining quality local, sustainably produced organic products and education.  My motivation to serve the Co-op stems from these values and the desire to support and promote the growth of our Co-op to better serve the expanding population of the Everett area.  

Doug Kimball.JPG

Doug Kimball 

There is nothing more important than the food we eat. It IS our fuel and maps out our health in the future. Great healthy eating patterns set in early life by our parents is key to longer life for us all. Eating organic food and consuming other healthy natural products we sell at the Co-op is our mission. I’ve seen our co-op grow by leaps and bounds especially in the past two years. We are on the cusp of turning a corner that is historic for this organization. It’s time to get big ... and I’d love to help the staff and BOT accomplish just that in a cautious manner. We ARE outgrowing the space we occupy now . I wish to help decide how we accomplish this goal...

Dustin Picture.jpeg

Dustin Hellums

Hello, my name is Dustin Hellums. I have lived in the north Everett area for 2 years. I have extensive experience as an operations manager and hold a BS in Business Management. I also have experience serving as a board member at my condominium HOA. 
I am interested in serving on the Board of Trustees because I appreciate what the Co-op provides to my family and our community as it is a place which respects diversity and contributes to the collective health of the community. I envision the Co-op expanding to serve the growing Everett population.

Mark Gray Photo.jpg

Mark Gray

After a few years of frequenting Sno-Isle, I have come to realize how much I love the place, it’s products, personnel, and objective, namely . . . to provide quality organic and non-GMO foods to the community. I am motivated to make a contribution to this establishment in some way, whether it be a board member or sweeping the floor. Just tell me how I can help!

No Dog.jpg

Mark Thornley

I have greatly appreciated serving as a member representative volunteer board member. I would like to ask for your support to serve for another term. 
My previous 6 years as a board member has taught me a lot about how the Co-op functions, the challenges we face and decisions we must make to ensure a vibrant, sustainable future. I continue to believe in our co-op’s mission not only to provide healthy, sustainable food but to inform our members and the public on food issues facing us today, such as the importance of healthy food choices, our growing membership and the increasing competitiveness for the products we offer. I am confident that the experience I’ve gained will help me continue to serve our co-op and its members with more insight, creativity, and connection.
In my personal life, my family continues to view the Co-op not only as our primary grocery, but more importantly, as a vital link to ensure farm-to-table choices on a daily basis.   I have worked for a local aerospace company as both an engineer/manager for over twenty years. I also play horn with the Mukilteo Community Orchestra and enjoy keeping my garden green. I hope you will support me for a third term as a member representative on our board. Thank you for your support!

Sam Shipley

I try to live life by a single philosophy: Do right by the people in your community and the planet you live on. Sustainability is the key for future generations to come. The Co-op embodies that sustainability by providing opportunities for community members to affect positive change for the organically operated and local food providers.  I am excited for the opportunity to participate at the leadership level in an organization that aligns its focus with my shared philosophy. My entire career has been in an industry that is driving the movement of green energy, and in turn, the HVAC systems I design help reduce the carbon footprint. I believe in this movement and I believe in the Co-op, and as a volunteer I vow to help cultivate new ideas for a growing future where people are above profits.


Steve Moore Photo.jpeg

Steve Moore

I was very excited many years ago when I learned that a group of visionaries were organizing a food co-op in Everett. They were looking for 2,000 members to open the store. They were having difficulty making that goal. But they made the courageous decision to build a store anyway. I didn't get a chance to serve on that first board, but I was able to drive a few nails and build a few walls. Shorty after I got the opportunity to join the board and help build the organization we have today. We've hired store managers, we dealt with a fire and flood, we implement lots of policies, we worked through financial issues and many other things.

I am excited about Sno-Isle Food Co-op and it's progress and potential. I would love the opportunity to serve another term on the board. My goals will be to continue to grow our co-op community, help guide the successful store expansions and ensure that our owners reap the benefits of owning Sno-Isle.

We have many decisions to make. I hope you give me the opportunity to influence them.

Nominating Committee

Boyd Photo.JPG

Boyd Buhl

Over the past two years, I’ve had the pleasure of serving on the Nominating Committee for the Sno-Isle Food Co-op. During that time, I’ve gotten to know and work with a group of passionate people who care about food and how it relates to our community. It would be an honor to continue as we anticipate exciting changes in the near future.


John Mostrom


In my few years here, I’ve seen this co-op grow from a side-street store to a vital part of the Everett community. I want to do the best that I can to find the leadership that will ignite us in the future!

Karen Photo-01.jpg

Karen Shoaf-Mitchell

A Sno-Isle Food Co-op member since 1997, I serve on both the Community Engagement Committee (CEC) as well as the Nominating Committee. The opportunity to volunteer while being an owner-member is gratifying and fun. Our Co-op community is thriving; our staff is committed to our Co-op values. Let’s celebrate our passions for local, member-run, organic and giving-back this October at Forest Park together. 

Kaila Photo.jpg

Kaila Alford

As an employee of the Co-op for over two years, I have truly grown to appreciate the sense of community our owners have fostered within our North Everett neighborhood. By representing you as a member of the Nominating Committee, I hope to continue the tradition of encouraging strong owner involvement that will ensure the future of our cute lil store on the corner.


Nancy Sosnove

I have been a working member of the Co-op since its founding, and dearly love the store! I have been working with the Nominating Committee for many years, and would like to continue. It’s a way to help the store succeed, and that’s what I want. Co-ops make so much sense to me.

Register Roundup Large.png

With every trip to the Co-op, shoppers have the option to round-up to the nearest dollar with our Register Roundup program. Each month, a new local non-profit receives the total amount donated by our customers! Sno-Isle Food Co-op’s Roundup donations average a monthly total of $1,300!

All year long, non-profits are invited to apply to receive Roundup donations. Likewise, community members may nominate non-profits of their choosing. Beginning this year, co-op owners will vote for 8 of the non-profits to receive Roundup donations throughout the year. The remaining 4 months will be decided upon by the Co-op as need arises in our community. Read on to learn about the candidates for 2019's coming year.


Register Roundup Candidates

Cocoon House

Everett -
More than 34% of the total homeless population is under the age of 24. Cocoon House is a non-profit that conducts outreach to, and provides short and long term housing for homeless and at-risk young people, including their children. Parents of teens can also find support for themselves and their families at Cocoon House so that young people do not become homeless.

Domestic Violence Services of Snohomish County

Everett -
Domestic Violence Services is a non-profit organization serving Snohomish County since 1976. We are the only program in Snohomish County providing emergency shelter and comprehensive, confidential services to all victims of domestic abuse. Domestic Violence Services provides individual and community awareness programs.

Everett Museum of History

Everett -
The Everett Museum of History, previously the Snohomish County Museum and Historical Society, is proud to serve the Everett community. Since its beginnings in 1954, the museum has been located in several buildings but it has never had a permanent home – until now. With the goal of opening in 2020, the new, state-of-the-art, contemporary cultural heritage museum will be located in a historic building at Colby Avenue and Wall Street in downtown Everett’s cultural district.

FALLS Cooperative Preschool

Everett -
Located in Everett, Washington. Our basic philosophy is one of acceptance, guidance, understanding and the spirit that we are all learning together. Together we help children develop the skills that are necessary for a successful elementary school experience and to become life-long learners.

Hoff Foundation

Everett -
We empower women to become self-sufficient, confident, self-worthy, and set free to live the life of their dreams. Our Mission: To break the cycle of generational dysfunction which can lead to a lifestyle of sex trafficking, the misuse of drugs & alcohol, homelessness, and abuse. We accomplish our mission by offering a hand up through events, programs, classes and radical makeovers. We do this in partnership with churches, businesses, transitional housing programs, shelters, and rehab centers.

Imagine Childrens Museum

Everett -    
At Imagine Children’s Museum, we promote the power of play: learning and growing by doing what every child loves to do best…play! Our interactive exhibits and activities encourage children (ages 1-12) and their families to role play, experiment, splash, think, wander and create together in a place where they can feel physically and emotionally safe.

Jackson Elementary PTA

Everett -
Our PTA aims to enrich the school life of students at Jackson Elementary in a multitude of ways including social events, fundraising, providing classroom grants, and facilitating extracurricular activities.

Nick of Time Foundation

Mill Creek -    
Nick of Time Foundation provides support and education for school districts, colleges and communities in the placement, use, training and maintenance of Automated External Defibrillators (AED’s). The Nick of Time Foundation will work to educate students, parents, teachers, coaches, community leaders and the medical community by providing FREE ONSITE community youth cardiovascular screenings.

Sibling House

Lake Stevens -    
Separating from your birth parents is a painful and traumatic experience. Imagine being separated from your siblings too, right when you need them most. That’s why we built Sibling House — to help brothers and sisters stay together through their transition into foster care. Sibling House is a network of homes where siblings in foster care can stay together in a loving environment while separated from their birth parents. 

The Dance School  

Everett -    
We believe there is no greater purpose to our work than teaching our students the beauty and strength inherent in dance as an art form, and the joy that comes from exploring the human body and its abilities. By donating to The Dance School you help us to continue providing dance to the youth of Everett and beyond. Your generous donation, whether small or large, helps us reach our goal of providing dance to all. We believe that “Anyone Can Dance!”

University Beyond Bars

Seattle    -
University Beyond Bars (UBB) provides higher education to people behind bars to fulfill the potential of those our society has imprisoned and to transform them into productive, contributing citizens. We work to create a cooperative learning community inside Washington State prisons where all experience is valued and the benefits of higher education are made available to all who desire them. 

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