How do we ensure sustainability is a driving force at the co-op?


We want to share how our mission, business plan goals, and principles work together to shape our standards.

This month let’s discuss sustainability. What does sustainable mean and how are we continually improving? We look at sustainability from the beginning of the cycle (the products we purchase and how they are made) through the end (the way we handle our waste). Our mission instructs us to “operate in an Eco-Friendly and sustainable manner at the highest level possible”. We are continually working to improve our product guidelines, resulting in tailored products that exceed the goals of our mission. Additionally, we have started ‘The Green Team’ which focuses on finding ways to bring us towards our goal of true sustainability. How do we ensure it remains a vital driver for our objectives?

A.      Sustainability is discussed in mission #2 and #3.

#2. Support local/sustainable growers and producers

#3. Operate in an Eco-friendly and sustainable manner at the highest level possible

B.      Three of our six business plan goals relate to sustainability. (see Annual Report)

Create Zero Carbon Footprint

Offer Community Trusted Sourcing

Become B Corp Certified

C.      Principle No. 8: Concern for Ecosystems
Ok, so it is an objective that will be in our minds, but how do we make sure we are taking action? Join us next week for a look at how we developed a rockstar team in Developing a Plan – Creating the Green Team.

To learn more about our mission, business plan goals, or principles check out our vision.

Laura Finley