Corinne (Beverage Lead) harvesting berries with Eric of  Aesir Meadery

Corinne (Beverage Lead) harvesting berries with Eric of Aesir Meadery


Sell at The Co-op

Sno-Isle Food Co-op supports local farmers and food producers whenever possible. The Co-op uses product selection guidelines to prioritize our purchasing. We hope you find these cooperative philosophies inspirational and partner with us in the manifestation of this vision.

We see the economic, social, and environmental value in local products. The resources below are intended to streamline the introduction of new products to The Co-op's community. You'll find helpful information about starting a business in Washington state, becoming USDA Certified Organic, and many related steps in between. The information provided is not intended to be comprehensive but our hope is that it will support you in the process of becoming a wholesaler at Sno-Isle Food Co-op and beyond!

To begin, first review the New Vendor Packet:

Ready to apply? Download the appropriate application (vendor, farmer, or meat & seafood) as well as the New Product Setup page to your computer; then complete, and submit the forms as directed on the application.

Questions? Drop us a line at

Vendor Demos

We require all local producers and farmers to support The Co-op with 3 demos within the first 90 days of the product being merchandised in store.