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Pantry Staples

From quick snacks to memorable meals, our shelves are stocked with the best products, and the best deals, we can find. For special dietary needs, we have a large selection of paleo, gluten-free, grain free, dairy free, vegetarian and vegan products. Healthy families (including pets!) are important to us. Our buyers carefully select products that are clean, sustainably produced, locally produced, employ socially responsible production, are appropriately packaged, and known to be healthful.

Meat & Seafood

Consciously sourced, organic, local and free range meats and sustainable seafood are available, including some hard to find items like chicken feet and beef marrow bones.




Our organic produce department is passionate about Washington agriculture and sources our produce from more than 20 different Washington farmers throughout the year. When a product is not available locally, our produce team sources from select cooperative growers and organic wholesale suppliers. Certified Fair Trade bananas, avocados and tomatoes are now available.

Kids Club

Every time a child 12 and under comes to the Co-op they receive a free banana. These bananas are very special. A portion of each box we purchase goes to GROW Organics. Since 2005, GROW Organics has provided nearly $2 million for educational programs, dental exams, vision care and clean water in the banana growing regions of Mexico and Ecuador. Without the support of GROW, many people in banana growing regions would not have access to necessary health care and educational opportunities.

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Our bulk section features hundreds of dried goods including nuts, beans, grains, legumes, flours, granolas and pastas. Freshly grind your own peanut butter, almond butter, or coffee. Explore a variety of teas, local honeys, oils, and vinegars. With over 300 herbs and spices, you can experiment with a world of flavor while only buying the exact quantity you need.

There's lots to love about buying in bulk, it saves waste by eliminating excess packaging, and saves you money since you only buy what you need. We offer a variety of containers for your convenience, but you’re welcome to bring your own too. Weigh your containers before filling at any of the registers to reuse again and again.



In “Dairyland”, we strive to bring to you the freshest, local, and sustainable products. Our dairy buyer takes extra steps by visiting local farms; assuring that the livestock we support are cared for humanely and live long and happy lives. From local cream-top yogurt to raw milk, our dairy cooler has a vast selection of dairy and non-dairy related products. These products include, but are not limited to: organic and local milk, butter, local chicken and duck eggs, soy yogurt, kefir, cream cheeses, soy beverages, and much more.


The Deli

Our deli is proud to use organic, seasonal and Washington grown ingredients.  The mission is to  offer a wide variety of wholesome, natural food that’s packed with flavor! Whether you’re looking for a leisurely lunch of a tasty sandwich or a quick grab and go wrap, our deli offers a variety of options (specializing in gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan choices). Our passion is simply sharing good food with everyone!


Beer & Wine

Our Beer and Wine Department has an abundance of local and delicious beverages. Craft beers, hard ciders, Washington wines and even mead, our Beer and Wine team enjoys sharing new flavors and old favorites. Try a taste of something new at our free wine tastings, look for new tasting dates on our Events Calendar. 



Natural Body Care

All of your body care basics are covered in our department: toothpaste, shampoo, conditioners, deodorants, and bath and body soaps. We carry essential oils and aromatherapy products and bulk soap. Stock your first aid kit with our medicinal salves and creams.

Vitamins and Supplements

We maintain a broad range of supplements, remedies and herbal remedies for the whole family. You can find:

  • Whole food vitamins

  • Isolated vitamins and minerals in liquid and capsule form

  • Herbal supplements and tinctures

  • Homeopathic remedies

  • Ayurvedic remedies

New to our wellness department are our bulk medicinal herbs. Found in wellness and in bulk, our per ounce pricing allows for easy experimenting with teas, body scrubs, and more - the skies the limit!


Mercantile & Garden

Where the seasons shine! From the local, organic plant starts in spring to sustainable gift wrap in the winter, our mercantile offers a changing array of local, fair trade and specialty items. We also offer everyday items like: 

  • Glass and metal sustainable food storage

  • Local pottery

  • Kitchen supplies and utensils

  • Books, cards and magazines

  • Candles, incense and sage smudges

  • Local apparel and jewelry