December 2018 Register Roundup: WithinReach


We’re happy to announce that our Register Roundup recipient for the month of December is WithinReach! For more than 30 years, Seattle-based WithinReach has worked to support healthy families and communities across Washington State. When you round up your purchase to the nearest dollar, you are supporting the vital work they do in our communities.

From their website:

At WithinReach our vision is healthy, vibrant communities across Washington. Through personalized and direct support we ensure vulnerable families have access to nutritious foods, affordable health care, and many other resources. Last year we served over 280,000 Washington residents, connecting them to the critical help necessary to be healthy and safe.


Washington State is currently the 22nd hungriest state in the country. This is why WithinReach works to connect people across the state with food resources that help families be healthy by having access to nutritious food.


WithinReach works to connect people across the state with the health care resources they need to be healthy, with a goal that all Washington families have access to quality health care.


Much of our work is at the individual level, work to meet the needs of individual families. But we also work at what we call the ‘systems level’. Partnering with like-minded organizations, we advocate for policies that promote quality, efficiency and change—policies that will benefit all of Washington’s families.



Rebekah West