June Register Roundup: Save-A-Mutt


June is National Cat Adoption Month, and June 2nd marks the beginning of National Pet Appreciation Week, and for our Register Roundup this month, we are so excited to support a wonderful local nonprofit called Save-A-Mutt! All month long you can round up your purchase at the registers to the nearest dollar to support Save-A-Mutt’s mission! They are 100% volunteer-run, so 100% of every donation goes towards paying the costs of pets who are in Save-A-Mutt’s foster program!

Why should you round up your purchase to support Save-A-Mutt? Here’s what they have to say for themselves:

Save-A-Mutt is dedicated to creating awareness about the number of adoptable dogs in shelters and find every dog its forever home! We do this by raising funds to A) cover the costs of transporting litters of puppies from high kill shelters to spay/neuter and adopt out; B) Focus on the welfare and final placement of Senior Dogs relinquished at area shelters, and C) assist and support local rescue groups in the medical care of special needs or medically challenged dogs. In addition, we hold a firm belief that 'Puppies aren't Products' and hope to stop the sale of puppies and kittens in Washington State pet stores. 

Dogs Helped By Save-A-Mutt



Ramona’s Story

Ramona is a local girl. In January she was run over by her owners at 4 months of age and suffered a broken pelvis and hip bone. SAM fostered her until the pelvic fractures healed, and the she had surgery for the hip bone by an orthopedic specialist. Her care for the 4 months was over $5000. 

She was recently adopted and is loved greatly by her new family.



Gerbil’s Story

Gerbil is a VERY small puppy. She and her 3 brothers were relinquished to the Everett Animal Shelter. They called us about taking her because super small size in certain breed puppies can indicate medical conditions - including a liver shunt. Gerbil stayed in foster for two months. She traveled everywhere with her foster mom even getting her own Facebook Page - The Adventures of Gerbil.

Fortunately after blood work and an ultrasound of her abdomen by a specialist - it was determined that Gerbil is just a VERY small girl. So at just over 5 months of age, and 1.75 pounds, she is getting adopted by a family that understands small dogs. 

To learn more about Save-A-Mutt, visit their website HERE: http://www.save-a-mutt.org/

Rebekah West