Green Team Update: Spring

Data: Our New Best Friend!

Written by Adam Jupp

Last year saw the creation of our “Green Team”, a group of staff committed to guiding Sno-Isle towards becoming a Zero Carbon Footprint community. The first step to reducing and offsetting our carbon footprint is to understand how large this footprint is, which means accurately measuring both our energy usage and our waste output.

Our 2019 goal is to reduce our landfill waste to no more than 10% of our total.

Our 2019 goal is to reduce our landfill waste to no more than 10% of our total.

The last few months have seen us partnering with BuddyOhm, a company that monitors and provides us with live data of the energy being used around the store, as well as live temperature readings for our coolers and freezers. As we struggle within the confines of our historic (and unfortunately poorly insulated) building, we aim to use this data to become as energy efficient as possible.

For 2019 we have set ourselves the goal of reducing waste, particularly waste to landfill, and are introducing a few initiatives to help make this happen. Most noticeably, after much research, we are delighted that our Deli has finally “gone green”, with new compostable containers throughout.

Behind the scenes, we are also putting a system in place to accurately measure exactly what waste goes where. Until now, we have only been able to estimate waste amounts (see chart) but going forward accurate data will enable us to review our goal of reducing our “landfill waste” to a maximum of 10%, and hopefully will make us all more mindful of what we discard, both as individuals and as an organization.

We will naturally be sharing our progress with you along the way. Watch this space!

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Adam Jupp | Scan Manager
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