Artist of the Month: Mahllie Beck


Each month, The Co-op welcomes a new artist to hang their art in our dining area for the Everett Art Walk. This month, we welcome a PNW artist inspired by the natural elements and her studies in art therapy. Introducing, Mahllie Beck!


Hello, my name is Mahllie Beck, and I am an artist from Seattle, Washington. Currently, I am studying to become an Art therapist, creating art is healing and so much fun. Painting and printmaking are my favorite mediums to work with, but that doesn’t stop me from experimenting with different mixed media. The Pacific Northwest inspires me everyday. Walking on the Rocky beaches, observing all the plant-life, it’s truly amazing. The human figure is so complex and it is so beautifully overwhelming; I love capturing it in my work as well. Combining the beauty of the Earth, and the beauty of people, always makes me feel calm and genuinely peaceful. I hope when you look at my artwork, you find your own individual meanings to each piece.

Thank you!


If you are interested in showing your art at The Co-op, drop us a line!

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