Rain Journeys


During the seemingly dark, wet, and dismal time of the year is often the best time to seek out places which remind us: We live in one of the most magical places on earth! A maddening down pour can be one of the most rewarding times to walk into the wilds.

In the winter everything is alive with water and sound! Earth is thirsty and invites each drop. The union of earth and water tell a story if we observe closely. We can picture an area thousands of years ago just by the telling of our surroundings. Maybe you bring your camera and you scour the mossy surface for thousands of shiny bright wet mushroom varieties growing everywhere.  

Eight Mile Pic 3.jpg

The trees have their own lessons of course. When the rain is coming down and the trees are standing tall and massive with arms reached out to embrace the weather, their life lessons shout out to us with such clarity that it brings an inner peace even to the least observant of creatures. “We are.” As Walt Whitman once wrote, “…I am, that is enough. If no other in the world be aware, I sit content, and if each and all be aware I sit content.”

Three O'Clock Rock climb on Eight Mile Pic 2.jpg

It can often be fascinating to think about all the creatures that endure the seasons with just the fur on their bodies and their families and the earth. Sometimes, this transcends to thinking about what we really need in life; food, water, shelter and love.

This is a good time to reflect and take a look at the big picture.  Observe the earth as a whole.  All our ‘problems’ circling their way around our heads day in and out have no room any longer. The rain washes all unnecessary thoughts away.

Maybe it starts to get dark and we feel the urge to suddenly RUN our way back! The excitement warms our bodies!

Driving back down the mountain road, we observe our surroundings differently than on our way up. There is no way not to – even if we try. We have become more aware of our connection and therefore become more connected.

We live in one of the most magical places on earth...and we are a part of it! The next time you have a day off and you look at the weather which shows rain (again) say, “YES! Such a perfect day for an adventure in the woods!” 

Happy Journeys!


Gretta's Winter Weather Hiking FavoriteS:

Between Rockport and Darrington off of Sauk Suattle Rd.  – Although the campground is closed, you can park at the entrance and take the trail.  Elevation is low and the lessons are high.

Just off Mt. loop highway, turn down Darrington Street – follow the winding road up the mountain.  (There is one ‘Y’ – go left).  At the end, there is a trail – This trail reminds me of J.R. Tolken or Terry Brooks’ descriptions of forest journeys.  The rain creates creeks which flow over the trails.  The leaves are gone providing lengthy sights through the Alders and boulders that surround the area.  It is mystical and vibrant!  Later on in the season you can make it to the top and back down, ending your journey off of Forrest service road 2060.  Lots of climbing options starting from 3 o’clock Rock.

Leah Scates