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Vendor Demos

We love to sample products for our customers, and it is very helpful for local producers to sample their products themselves in our stores. It gives you direct contact with customers and allows the customer the opportunity to try your local product, learn how it is unique and how it differs from similar products, and make a personal connection to you and your farm or business thereby building brand loyalty and ongoing support for your local business.

Before scheduling a demo, please look over our Frequently Asked Questions and Demo Checklist

What we value in a good demo

At Sno-Isle Food Co-op our number one value is cooperation! We hope to demonstrate kindness, consideration, and team work with each interaction between our staff and vendors. Likewise, we look for the same from our demoing vendors. The amount of demos our vendors conduct in store will be decided upon fluidly by our ability to work together constructively.


When is the best time to Demo?
The busiest times at The Co-op are not always the best times to demo. Sometimes the hustle at bustle in store is not always the best to have extensive conversations about your amazing product. This is something to keep in mind when deciding your best time to demo.

Our preferred demo times include:
9am - 12 pm / 11am - 2pm / 3 - 6 pm

What do I need to bring to the demo?
Please review the Demo Checklist for a complete list

  • a table

  • a chair (if needed)

  • any necessary utensils (tongs, gloves, serving equipment, etc.)

  • yourself and your product!

What does the Co-op provide?
Sno-Isle Food Co-op is growing at a rapid pace, however our store is still very small. Presently, our humble co-op can offer:

  • a place to demo

  • help from our marketing team with signage (when requested in advanced)

  • a staff member to help the day of

I don't sell food items to the I still have to demo?
We understand that depending on the product you make, it may be difficult to conduct in-store demos. Demo exceptions are made on a case by case basis by the Co-op's buyer.

Questions  or concerns? Email

Co-op & Community Events

The Co-op hosts and participates in a variety of events for co-op customers and the community. These events often include passive sampling, raffles, and giveaway. To donate your product to The Co-op and receive extra marketing support as thanks, contact us below!