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Get Out of Your Gut Rut


We are not what we eat, but what and how we digest! Our digestive system is responsible for the absorption of nutrients into our bodies and has a direct impact on our immune system. The amount of nutrients we absorb and how our immune system functions are critical to our entire metabolism, vitality and prevention of chronic disease. In this FREE course, you will learn a better understanding of the digestive process; identify foods, substances and actions that lead to digestive impairment; feel empowered to make food and lifestyle choices that optimize digestion, increase absorption of nutrients and improve your immune function.

Class hosted by Cheri Soraparu MS CCN

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Cheri Soraparu is a Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist and has been licensed in Washington State and practicing nutrition for over 10 years.  She studied psychology at the UW and went on to earn a MS in Nutrition.  Cheri has always had a passion for learning about the body and helping others to feel and look their best. She takes a whole food approach with her clients educating them about how nutrients in food supports the optimal functioning of the body and how processed foods and chemicals in the environment decrease the optimal functioning of the body.  She is currently working on a nutrition oriented children's book and looks forward to teaching community classes.  

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