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CANCELLED - Life force! Anti-Aging: Hormone Basics for Women and Men


Part Three of a FREE Class Series

Hormones are important to our health.  They are tiny but impactful, circulating around the body and making us whole.  Dr. Lee will briefly talk about how important hormones are and what they do in our body.  Hormone levels in our body change during our lives.  Aging is a major culprit, but other conditions also affect hormone levels.  If you or your loved ones have any hormone related conditions such as thyroid issues, adrenal issues, sleep issues, weight problems, low energy and mood issues, you should come to the class and chat with Dr. Lee about it.  She will explain how our body finds its balance and harmony.

This is a free series of classes that require no registration. It is not necessary to attend all classes included in the series.

Overview: Hormone Health Class Series

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) has been a hot topic in the field of anti-aging and preventive medicine in the United States recently.  But do you know the first hormones used in medicine, in fact, began in China around 10th century?  Combining Eastern and Western medical approaches, Dr. Mi-Jung Lee ND/LAc will present the best practices for evaluation and treatment that have evolved out of her functional integrative medical experience. She has extensively studied and researched hormones and worked at a hormone testing laboratory for 5 years where she advised other physicians regarding patient results and treatment.  She has been helping diverse generations of patients to restore their health through hormonal balance and other complementary therapies.  She accommodates her patients who have had negative experience with previous hormone therapy by customizing effective and safe application of Eastern Asian Anti-aging formulas to address their hormonal imbalance symptoms and achieve vigor and longevity. Her talk has been designed to be educational and engaging with humor.  She has presented at many conferences for doctors and patients. 

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