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Love Food: Hate Cooking

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This class is for you if you want to be healthier but hate cooking, feel like a failure in the kitchen or are too busy to prepare meals. I will offer my top three strategies to bridge the gap between wanting to eat life-giving foods but don’t have the desire, know-how, or resources. They are:

  1. Savory short cuts, including demos, food samples, and recipes with easy instructions on using the blender, sprouter, and Instant Pot

  2. Share the load with cooking co-ops, food deliveries, and other supportive strategies

  3. Removing your kitchen blocks (what is keeping you stuck) that cause you to avoid food preparation.

Why? Because I have gone from eating processed food and paying for it with my health to now feeding my family nutrient dense delicious food. I am a foodie that still doesn’t love to cook, and I understand the link between good nutrition and addressing dis-ease in the body. I have come up with solutions while finding every kitchen support available for this busy mom and entrepreneur, and I want to share the best of them with you.Are you ready to add more nutrition to your life without spending hours in the kitchen so that you can support your body in doing its best to stay or get healthy? You may even find that you start to like being in the kitchen even just a little bit. 

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I'm Gina Diamond, Nutritional Strategist, Author, and mother of a former picky eater. With over 20 years working as a life coach, environmental and social justice advocate I promote holistic wellness and my clients say I am creative, compassionate and dedicated to bringing out their best potential. 

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