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Metabolic Makeover

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Do you want to feel energized and burn fat? If so, join Cheri Soraparu, Certified Clinical Nutritionist, to explore what your metabolism is and what can cause it to slow down. Let’s learn about food, nutrients, and easy lifestyle factors you can do today to increase your metabolism, burn fat and make energy!   

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Class hosted by Cheri Soraparu MS CCN

Cheri Soraparu is a Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist and has been licensed in Washington State and practicing nutrition for over 10 years.  She studied psychology at the UW and went on to earn a MS in Nutrition.  Cheri has always had a passion for learning about the body and helping others to feel and look their best. She takes a whole food approach with her clients educating them about how nutrients in food supports the optimal functioning of the body and how processed foods and chemicals in the environment decrease the optimal functioning of the body.  She is currently working on a nutrition oriented children's book and looks forward to teaching community classes.