Artist of the Month: Jody Romero


This month we welcome Jody Romero to The Everett Art Walk. While admiring Jody's art, we asked her how long one of her mandalas take. She says, "I could sit for 10 hours drawing." And it shows! This Thursday, stop by The Co-op from 6-9pm to meet Jody! For those interested, she'll have some prints for sale.

Jody Romero is a local, self-taught, mandala artist. Working primarily in ink and color pencil, her patience and passion for detail result in intricate patterns on pieces that range in size from 4 inches to 18 inches square and taking anywhere from 10 to 100 hours to complete.  Inspired by precision of geometry and the organic shapes in nature, Jody looks to create a sense of movement and balance in every piece.

For more of her art as well a look into her process you can visit her Instagram @random_uniformity.


If you are interested in showing your art at The Co-op, drop us a line!


Leah Scates